Project of School Libraries Reform (E-Library) Launched in Jordan


Special to TAG Educa News Agency

AMMAN - The Education Development Center (EDC) launched today the project of school libraries reform (E-Library). This project lays the foundation of lifelong and self-based learning for UNRWA’s school students.

The ceremony organized at the Amman Training Center witnessed the participation of education officials, specialists, librarians among others.

A Presentation of the school libraries reform was displayed and the library management system that was implemented during this reform.

The first stage of this project started in March 2012 and included 28 academic and school libraries. During the first stage the EDC received a donation from  the Canadian Bibliofiche company.

“This company is specialized in the field of serving academic libraries, its donation included installing and configuring a Central Union Catalogue for UNRWA academic libraries  on its web-based server to enable UNRWA’s librarians to catalogue and digitize UNRWA’s libraries holdings,” Dr. Amal Ayyash, head of the Education Development Center said.

Bibliofiche  set up the system and hosted it free of charge to all UNRWA – Jordan field academic libraries for two years.

“This donation will enable all education specialists (Library Science) and all teacher librarians, librarians, to work cooperatively to develop their libraries, and will enable users to get access to the libraries’ holding remotely,” she added.

The achieved outcomes in the first stage provided 28 academic libraries with an interactive environment, where they can interact with their libraries’ holdings through OPALS the web 2.0 Application.

Dr. Ayyash stated that the E-Library project aims at unifying working mechanisms of the UNRWA school libraries commending the cooperation with the Arabic Union Catalogue (ARUC) and the support of Bibliofiche. 

Librarians and teacher librarians are able to use copying cataloging technique by Importing MARC records from Arabic Union Catalogue (ARUC).

UNRWA Union Catalogue (UUC) is established and will play the same role of Arabic Union Catalogue; this UUC includes now around 10,000 MARC records in Arabic and English for UNRWA Libraries holdings.  

Basim Faris, Education Specialist at the Education Development Center said that the new project encourages students to use information sources easily and enable them to enhance their digital research skills.

He told Educa News Agency that it’s time to underline the concept of the investigative student where he /she seeks to check information resources not relying on one source which is the teacher, as encouraging research and creativity skills is the core of the educational process.

Dr. Saleh Al Mesned, head of the Arabic Union Catalogue (ARUC) expressed his satisfaction with the development of this system adding that the UNRWA is one of the leading organizations in using this system.