TAG-Knowledge Forum Hosts "Mesh Mostaheel" Team


TAG-Knowledge Forum Hosts "Mesh Mostaheel" Team

Special to TAG Educa News Agency

AMMAN - TAG Knowledge Forum hosted the first and largest brainstorming program in the world known as the "Mesh Mostaheel Program” (not impossible in English). The program specializes in the integration of society to solve the challenges it faces going by the motto of "The Distance between Dream and Reality Called Work".

TAG-Knowledge hosted the team in a panel discussion to introduce the program and the twelve challenges to tackle. The aim of the program is to provide solutions that seek to create an innovative and creative society. All Jordanians, whether individuals, groups or government and non-government institutions, are to get together to share ideas and solutions to these challenges and then propose the best ones.

HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh chaired the discussion panel attended by a number of panelists, namely: Mr. Maher Kaddoura, Founder of the Initiative, HE Senator Haifaa Al Najjar, member of the jury of the program, and Mr. Ghassan Halawa, CEO of Parachute 16 and partner of the initiative. 

Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh expressed his optimism at launching this initiative which will have positive impacts on our society. He pointed out that the initiative will open multiple doors to innovative and creative solutions to the challenges of our society.

He emphasized that the challenge and determination is the basis for success, which has made TAG-Org a universal leading company and the top company in the world in numerous fields of expertise. 

The founder of the New Think and Mesh Mostaheel Initiative, Maher Kaddoura, expressed his pleasure at launching this initiative praising the efforts of all the participating and supporting institutions and expressing his wishes that everyone would participate in this program. He stated: "You choose to be a player, a referee or a football player in a game, and now choose to be the player and hit your goal." 

Senator Al Najjar pointed out: "I believe in the Jordanian youth in various locations and that "Mesh Mostaheel Initiative" represent all of Jordan." She stressed: "Our country is experiencing an important stage and we want everyone to realize their potentials and capacities."

"From his side, Mr. Fadi Daoud, the president of the Youth Committee at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum, stressed on the importance of such events, that address all segments of the society, which is what the forum always seeks. Hosting Mesh Mostaheel team at the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum serves the main objectives the forum was established upon, is to a platform where young people and all members of the same society meet together under one roof, encouraging dialogue and discussing national interests."

Mr. Ghassan Halawa also stated: "Jordan faces countless challenges and that Mesh Mostaheel Initiative has chosen 12 of them to propose creative ideas to tackle them in partnership with different segments of society whether individuals, groups and institutions from the public and private sectors."

During the panel discussion, an interactive discussion took place between the members of the team and the audience. The initiative's team introduced the program, its challenges and the importance of participation as well as the impact that those involved can have on developing solutions to encounter social challenges in creative ways.