Qatar University Health Launches New PhD Programs


DOHA - Qatar University (QU) Health announced the launch of new PhD programs at a press conference.

The new doctorate programs that lead to a PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences, are designed to train doctorate-level scientists to investigate and introduce solutions to major health problems in Qatar.

Attending the press conference were QU President Dr. Hassan Al Derham, QU VP for Medical and Health Sciences and College of Medicine (CMED) Dean Prof Egon Toft, QU College of Health Sciences (CHS) Dean and Biomedical Research Center (BRC) Director Prof Asmaa Al Thani, and QU College of Pharmacy (CPH) Dean Dr. Mohammad Diab, as well as QU officials, faculty and staff.

The four-year programs include a total of 60 hours of credit coursework and dissertation research. All courses are taught in English. Collaborations will be established with local and international institutions to align the new PhD programs with international standards.

Admission to the PhD programs is open for the academic year 2018-2019, with courses beginning in Fall 2018. For the first academic year, QU Health will enroll 15 candidates (5 per program). Graduate scholarships will be offered to top-ranked students.

An open day for PhD programs will be held on April 23. It will provide prospective students with the opportunity to learn about the programs and their curriculum and to express their expectations and concerns.

In his remarks, Dr. Hassan Al Derham said: “We are pleased to launch this new batch of PhD programs related to health education. As Qatar’s national university, QU is committed to providing the labor market with qualified graduates who are capable to contribute to human and social development in the State of Qatar. Therefore, the University is committed to fulfilling the needs of the labor market and the society for qualified and trained graduates in all fields and sectors. Since the establishment of QU Health which comprises the colleges of Health Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy, QU has been keen to build solid partnerships and collaborations with institutions from the health sector with the aim to uplift the services that the country provides to its citizens and residents. In this context, QU Health launched these new PhD programs that align with local needs and challenges.”

Prof Egon Toft said: “This marks definitely a noteworthy development in the Health Cluster’s progress in general, and the synergy and collaboration of the member colleges in particular leading to innovative and impactful health and medical education. We are very optimistic about the results of this initiative, as it will contribute to attracting highly competitive scientists eager to pursue their PhD.”

Prof Asmaa Al Thani said: “The collaborative interprofessional PhD programs are consistent with QU’s development plan aimed at fostering interdisciplinary integration, internationalization and expansion and at providing professional programs in areas of national needs. The programs provide an opportunity for achieving collaboration and cost-effectiveness through the formation of a health education combining biomedical, medical and pharmacy programs. Additionally, the proposed programs seek to prepare the next generations of competent biomedical, medical and pharmacy scientists in order to address the necessary specialized human resources needs for the increasingly developing health care system and research in Qatar.”

Dr. Mohammad Diab said: “We are proud to establish QU Health Cluster’s PhD programs. The PhD programs, which align with QU’s strategy and the National Health Strategy, are an extension of health education and training that QU health programs are providing. The programs will create opportunities to strengthen the candidates’ research skills and learn about advanced theoretical perspectives. The programs are one of their kind creating opportunities to develop innovative strategies that are designed to meet the community needs.”

QU Health Director of Research and Graduate Studies Dr. Feras Alali said: “QU Health builds on our success with well-established high caliber MSc programs in Biomedical Sciences, Genetic Counselling, Public Health and Pharmacy. Our PhD programs are first of their kind in Qatar and the region, being research-based and adopting an interdisciplinary approach in addressing huge health challenges in Qatar.”