New IIEP Learning Portal Advances Global Quest to Improve Learning Outcomes


PARIS - IIEP-UNESCO announced the launch of the redesigned IIEP Learning Portal. This platform has become a reference tool amongst a global community of educational planners and decision-makers who have a shared mission to improve learning. The new site takes on board its user’s feedback and experiences and the Institute hopes that its new interface and features will enable easy access to the latest research, news, and resources on planning education to improve learning outcomes. Its goal is also to bring together education stakeholders from around the world to debate and exchange information on learning issues through forums and webinars, according to the UNESCO.

“The IIEP Learning Portal is part of our response to the global learning crisis affecting a quarter of a billion children worldwide,” said IIEP’s head of research Hugues Moussy. “The resources and sharing of best practices can help education decision-makers ensure that children are not just physically in school, but are learning all of the skills and competencies needed to thrive in the future.”

What Can You Find On The Iiep Learning Portal?

The IIEP Learning Portal provides a single window to comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant, and neutral information on learning issues, from pre-primary through to secondary education. It is also a place to foster a community for sharing tools, best practices, and perspectives, and pose questions to enable us to act together for the future of learning. The target audience is educational planners and decision-makers. Its content is intended to inform and contribute toward the education decision-making and planning processes that strive to improve learning.

• Brief summaries of the research on 25 ways to improve learning (Learners and support structures, Teachers and pedagogy, Curriculum and materials, Schools and classrooms, Education system management)
• An overview of each step in creating a plan for learning improvement
• Tools and approaches to monitor learning and put the data to use
• A weekly blog and a daily selection of news articles on learning from around the world
• Ways to learn about major debates and participate in e-forum discussions
• A glossary of key terms
• A chance to ask a librarian to help you find the resources you need

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