Abu-Ghazaleh: English language is the knowledge language nowadays


Abu-Ghazaleh: English language is the knowledge language nowadays

Special to TAG Educa News Agency

AMMAN – HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh delivered a speech highlighting the importance of the English language as the first global business, internet and knowledge language, during his participation at the opening ceremony of the English Language Olympics (ELO) 2018 held at the Conference Hall of the University of Applied Science.

Abu Ghazaleh also referred to the importance and future of knowledge and its language. He pointed out: "TAG-Org's attention to the English language is implied in the mission of the Organization whose offices are present around the world. In addition, proficiency in English language and technical work is a requirement for appointment by the Organization."

He also affirmed the importance of languages citing the hadith of Prophet Mohammad – peace be upon him: "Each new tongue acquired is worth a new man". In other words, the man who learns a new language is worth two men.
On the other hand, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh stated that: "Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College for Creativity will change the concept of success and failure at universities. It will consider the student's ability to invent as a basis of success." He also referred to TAG-Org's  important role in the protection of inventions and the registration of trademarks; being the world leader in the field of intellectual property.

"Personally, I had to learn English language for a living. I had translated many books and thus been excluded from 101 English Language subject at my university. I later authored five English dictionaries on intellectual property" he pointed out. 

As a part of the Organization's attention to the English language, TAG Academy has been approved by the Cambridge Assessment English Department of the University of Cambridge to become an authorized center for Cambridge English examinations. It also works on preparing "Arab Fluency Test” an Arabic proficiency test similar to TOEFL for non-native speakers learning Arabic.

On the future of health, he stated that: "the next three decades will witness the transformation of health services through the use of artificial intelligence. The machines will become as smart as the human brain in decision making and analysis. The human brain, however, will be as able as a computer in saving information. In addition, diseases will be treated through the genetic map of each human being upon which  suitable medicine will be prepared."

ELO is the first initiative of its kind on the world educational map that integrates  different cultures under one educational vision. It starts from Jordan and includes youth groups age 11-16 years. In its third year, ELO will be entitled "Health". The ELO mainly focuses on five themes: English language exam, group work, project, theatrical show and local community service.