Discussion on Education and Youth Issues at GJU


AMMAN - The German Jordanian University (GJU) announced in a press release that it has organized a discussion on education and youth issues presented by Dr. Ekhlaif Al-Tarawneh in the presence of the President of the University Dr. Manar Fayyad, Vice President Dr. Atef Kharabsheh, academic Staff and a number of students.

The discussion aims to discuss the educational system in Jordan, the problems and challenges faced this sector. In addition to addressing the laws and legislations related to the educational process and the concept of future education.

Kharabsheh welcomed Al-Tarawneh, praising his achievements in all the places where he worked. He pointed out that Al-Tarawneh is a distinguished figure and has an influence in the community through the preparation of a clear roadmap for the people who came after him in the definition of visions, objectives and priorities of education in universities.

Al-Tarawneh expressed his pleasure with the hospitality at GJU and gave a brief description of his achievements as Chairman of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions and President of the University of Jordan and Dean of Students Affairs at Mu'tah University where he established the idea of “Cozy Home”.

The students asked Al-Tarawneh a number of questions in different issues such as the educational system, which faces several problems, including multiple reference and different legislation, according to Al-Tarawneh. Stressing that the solution lies in the future education based on the skills acquired by students, whether behavioral or intellectual or cognitive skills and not rely on the certificate only.

He also called on students to think outside the box in order to motivate them and bring out their potentials. Indicating that the effective study is what the student retrieves correctly when needed.

He stressed that successful management in universities is through the administration of love, acceptance of the other, respect his opinion and appreciation, which will generate a safe and productive environment in universities.
At the end of the discussion, Al-Tarawneh was honored with shield for his efforts in developing the educational system in the Jordanian universities.