Alef Education Signs Landmark Deal in First Entry into Indonesian Education Market


Alef Education Signs Landmark Deal in First Entry into Indonesian Education Market

Special to TAG Educa News Agency

Abu Dhabi - Alef Education announced the signing of an agreement with Indonesia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs to grant its schools access to the leading global K12 education technology company's award-winning digital learning platform. 

500,000 students in madrasahs across Indonesia will benefit from this partnership, which will start from the beginning of the Indonesian academic year in July 2021.

The digital content to be offered is Grade 7 Mathematics and is closely tied to the Indonesian education curriculum with a plan to expand to Grades 8 & 9 over the next two years. The content will include a mix of short videos, games, and assessments, all designed to be engaging, interactive, and interesting for students. 

“Alef Education has had the opportunity to positively influence the learning outcomes of students in the United Arab Emirates and USA in schools that have adopted our cutting-edge edtech platform. We hope to translate our experience and our success and make the same impact in Indonesia, beginning with schools under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This is part of a long-term vision where we hope to positively affect the lives of millions of students throughout the world, especially in key education markets such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the next few years,” said Mr. Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO Alef Education.

Adding on, Mr. Nadir Zafar, Chief Operating Officer of Alef Education, said, "We are truly grateful for the strong support we have received from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and hope that this experience can lead to a wider engagement in the country. With this, we are also signaling our intent to grow in Asia, where there is a rapidly growing demand for education technology products."

Mr. Ahmad Umar, Director of Curriculum, Infrastructure, Institution and Student Affairs for Madrasahs at the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia, explained that this collaboration was to strengthen numerical literacy for madrasah students in establishing world-class dignified madrasahs. “Through this digital platform, it is hoped that madrasah students will be more enthusiastic and happy to take part in learning, especially Mathematics, so that it has an impact on the quality of education in madrasahs.”

The World Bank, in its report published in May this year ‘EdTech in Indonesia: Ready for Take-Off’, says that Indonesia has all the potential to be on the frontlines of the education technology market.

The entry of a major international edtech player such as Alef Education will not only be a boost for students in terms of learning outcomes, but can push the adoption of technology-driven learning platforms which is needed to propel edtech in the country to new heights.

Alef Education has been at the forefront of digital education transformation, with over 120,000 students in more than 400 public and private schools in the United Arab Emirates, as well as schools in the United States of America benefiting from its AI-powered platform.

Alef Education and the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs will be working together closely over the next year and a half to raise awareness about Alef Education's digital platform throughout Indonesia, in anticipation of its implementation next year.