‘German University’ Obtains the German Certificate of Equivalency for 13 Programs in 4 Schools


AMMAN - The German Jordanian University (GJU) announced in a press release that it has obtained accreditation certificates from the German Accreditation Council for programs administered outside Germany for thirteen majors in four schools as follows:

• The School of Humanities and Applied Languages (SAHL): Bachelor of Translation: German - Arabic - English, German and English for Business and Communication, and in German as a Foreign Language for the Master’s level.

• The School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS): Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering programs.

• The School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS): Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance, Mechatronics Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, and Master of Engineering Management.

• The School of Management and Logistics Sciences (SMLS): Bachelor of International Accounting, Logistics Sciences, Administrative Sciences, and Master of Logistics Sciences.

The President of GJU, Prof. Alaaldeen Al-Halhouli, expressed his pride in this achievement, pointing to its importance to GJU, Jordanian higher education, and the entire country.

Dr. Al-Halhouli noted that the programs have gone through the stages of evaluation and accreditation by the council following the same standards as German programs, which confirms that GJU programs, students, and graduates are on a High level of competence and equivalent to their German counterparts.

Dr. Al-Halhouli also indicated that with the support of the DAAD, negotiations started in 2019 to obtain an accreditation certificate from the German Council, which works only on programs in Germany. The harmonization between the two national systems was a great challenge, but it was successful in the end.

Dr. Al-Halhouli thanked the German Accreditation Council, the involved accreditation agencies (ASIIN, ACQUIN, and FIBAA), DAAD, and the University of Magdeburg-Stendal for the support and transfer of expertise, as well as the school’s coordinators, faculties, staff and Accreditation and Quality Assurance Department at GJU.